SECC DevOps Survey
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1. Is the term DevOps understood within your organization?*
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2. Are you actively adopting DevOps culture /practices within your organization?*
  Yes No We are planning to start adopting DevOps
3. Do you have established teams made up of key stakeholders from “Dev” and “Ops” for DevOps transformation?*
  Yes we have a team No we do not have a team In progress of establishing a team
4. Do you have established processes to support your DevOps transformation? *
  Yes we have processes No we do not have In progress of establishing processes
5. Areas that witnessed progress after implementing DevOps*
(Please choose all that apply)
  Faster delivery/deployment rate
  Less Failure rate
  Higher quality (less Escaped Defects)
  Faster time to recover failure
  Less Feature/Issue cycle time
  Higher team productivity (velocity)
  Others (please specify)
6. What frameworks or methodologies do you currently use, or previously used?*
(Please choose all that apply)
  Six Sigma
  Others (please specify)
7. Do you understand how Lean, Agile and DevOps relate to each other and how these models integrate with other frameworks such as ITIL, TOGAF, CMMI?*
  Yes we understand how they integrate together
  No we do not understand how they integrate together
8. Do you have actionable metrics in place to measure the business value of your DevOps initiatives such as product delivery rate, failure rate, escaped defects rate, cycle time… etc.?*
  Yes we have an actionable metrics
  No we do not have an actionable metrics
9. General Comments
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