Digital Transformation for Executives



The current digital economy has been fueled by the “Digital Transformation” wave that is derived by the "Disruptive Emerging Technologies". The digital transformation had changed the way of doing business around the world, and currently, is impacting every industrial sector. “Go Digital or Die” is no longer a slogan, it became a fact in recent years. Many organization, either huge or small, went out of business due to just delaying their digital transformation initiatives and/or doing it the wrong way.

This course explains the opportunities associated with designing and implementing successful digital transformation programs. This is going to be discussed through real-life business cases and reputable industrial reports. Furthermore, the course highlights how organizations are currently competing to build successful "Digital Transformation Strategies" using the "Disruptive Emerging Technologies" such as Blockchain, Data Analytics, IoT & AI and what are the associated critical decisions and challenges.

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