Personal Software Process (PSP) Fundamentals



This course teaches software developers the principles, concepts, and benefits of the personal software practices designed by the leading university in the field (Designed in the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), a part of Carnegie Mellon University "CMU", ranked #1 in Computer Science in USA). The participant will learn how to sharpen his software development planning & quality management skills and draw improvements road-map to improve his personal capabilities to higher performance levels. Learning by practicing is the most efficient way. Hence, every participant will have the opportunity to apply the learnt concepts/theories in many practical exercises and receive instance feedback from the instructor. Extended mentoring support from the instructor is granted for 45 days after the class end date to receive a detailed personalized feedback on course assignments.

Personal online access to SEI-CMU e-Learning portal will be granted for a whole year. This gives the opportunity to prepare for the prestigious SEI-CMU software engineering exam (the "SEI-Certified PDP Developer" exam). Passing the exam makes the participant eligible to have his name listed on the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) website.

Topics to be covered

This course will help participants to:

Target Audience

5 Days


Before registering for this course, participants should have a sufficient programming experience with any one of the programming languages.

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