Service Catalogue Development and Management




Developing and managing IT service catalogues seems to be a simple and natural practice in IT organizations. However, in practice this is not always the case! Simply, the catalogue itself requires consistent understanding of the business values in order to group and categorize services in such a way that business can understand and appreciate.

In addition, developing a service catalogue without understanding and managing service levels can lead to inefficient catalogues that generate dissatisfaction and mistrust in IT. Efficient implementation of the catalogue requires the support of the other ITIL processes across the various phases.

In this workshop, you will learn the main qualities of service catalogue, how to develop one, and the other ITIL processes that needs to be in place in order to exploit the real business values of the service catalogues in your organization.

Topics to be covered

Target Audience


1 Day Workshop


Have earned an ITIL Foundation Certificate or attended a full ITIL foundation course

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