ISTQB Certified Tester Artificial Intelligence Testing (CT-AI) Exam
Examination Application Form
Egyptian Software Testing Board
Smart Village, Building B121, Room 1017
Giza 12577

Application to ISTQB®Certified Tester Artificial Intelligence Testing (CT-AI) Examination
  Please follow the next steps and guidelines for application [Please read carefully]:
  • The Certified Tester AI Testing (CT-AI) qualification is aimed at people who are seeking to extend their understanding of artificial intelligence and/or deep (machine) learning, most specifically testing AI based systems and using AI to test.

  • To qualify for the CT-AI Exam, candidate must hold the ISTQB CTFL Certificate.

  • Within 7 working days from your registration, you will receive a response email indicating exam seat availability. If available, you will also be assigned a time window to fulfill payment of fees.

  • Within the assigned time window, a hardcopy of the completed and signed application form along with the below mentioned documents and 1250 EGP (For Egyptians) examination fees (1900 EGP for non-Egyptians) must be submitted to:
    Senior Accountant
    Egyptian Software Testing Board
    Smart Village, Building B121, Room 1017
    Giza 12577

  • Payment methods:
    1. Cash payable to SECC Finance Department

    Cheque payable to Information Technology Industry Development Agency and delivered to SECC Finance Department
    3. Bank deposits.

    Note: Further details concerning payments will be sent to the applicant through email

  • Failure to follow the above steps and guidelines invalidates the application or cause exam re-scheduling.
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General Terms
I agree that as a holder of the requested certificate I shall
  1. comply with the relevant provisions of the certification.

  2. make claims regarding certification only with respect to the scope for which certification has been granted.

  3. not use the certification in such a manner as to bring the ESTB into disrepute, and that I shall not make any statement regarding the certification which the ESTB may consider misleading or unauthorized.

  4. discontinue the use of all claims to certification and to return the certificate if requested to do so upon suspension or withdrawal of certification by the ESTB.

  5. not use the certificate in a misleading manner.
Exam Cancellation Policy
  1. The cancellation or rescheduling 7 days before the exam is free.

  2. The cancellation or rescheduling through the last 7 days until last 48 hours you will pay EGP 200.

  3. The Exam cannot be cancelled or reschedule within the last 48 hours and if did you will be committed to pay the full exam fees.

  4. The cancellation or rescheduling should be through an email to or
**Ignoring rules may causes adding your name to the negative lists.
With my application I have also read, understood, and agreed with the attached Exam Instructions. I agree that I am able to follow the process as stated and that I will notify the exam provider with any possible infringements to this ability, along with this application, to identify remedial arrangements prior to taking the exam.
I consent to the General Terms and Exam Cancellation Policy as stated above.
Date 1/23/2022
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