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What is TRM?

Technology Roadmap (TRM) is a plan that matches organizational short and long term goals with specific technology solutions to help meet these goals. It also provides a mechanism to help forecast technology development needs within an organization, which facilitates planning and placing of products using appropriate scientific and technological resources.

Technology Roadmapping is the process by which companies can develop their roadmaps using an effective and lightweight approach, which ensures full integration with the organizational process structure.

Technology Roadmap can be used as a marketing tool as well; it can show if a company really understands customer needs and has access to a plan to develop the technologies needed to fulfill these requirements.

Benefits and Added Value

  • TRM creation know-how transfer to the organization, and its autonomous implementation by the organization using the latest SECC TRM ToolSet "STTS", which will be delivered as a part of the consultation service.
  • Systematic, sustainable and a lightweight process for defining organizational technology needs
  • Detailed understanding of the organization's present state and future directions
  • Strategic planning for new product feature deliveries and updates to ensure customer satisfaction and boost the company's business
  • Reduced risk involved in decision making
  • Better communication for dynamic interactions between resources, organizational goals and market needs
  • Better utilization for organization's technology investments

SECC TRM Service Offerings

  • TRM SPOT: A SPOT "SECC Practice On Technology" is a one day hands on session delivered to focus on a certain technological aspect. SECC experts will deliver this SPOT to introduce TRM, its process, and the potential business impact upon itsadoption. The SPOT also gives the attendees the chance to practice the TRM process on a typical case study to finally generate a roadmap.

  • TRM Consultation: Within three days and with the help of SECC experts, companies can develop their short- to medium range TRM plan. During the consultation, SECC will capitalize on a set of assets:
    • Company's adoption to TRM methodology and will ensure its full integration with the organizational process structure.
    • Professional translation of organizational and customer needs into work plans through answering why, what, when, and how things will be done.
    • Deploying SECC latest TRM tools that facilitate and offload any effort accompanied by the process application to make sure it is lightweight and fully sustainable

    The Consultation service is divided into a set of workshops, each of which determines a main component of the technology roadmap. A consolidation and final charting is then done and the TRM is developed. TRM workshops are depicted through the following figure:

SECC TRM Service Deliverables

    • Printed version of the power point presentation used to conduct the SPOT

  • TRM Consultation:
    • Short to medium range TRM plan for the participating organization
    • Latest version of SECC TRM ToolSet "STTS"
    • Printed version of the power point presentation used to conduct the workshops

How much does it cost ?

  • Fees: EGP 3,000.

Registration and Contact info

  • To Request TRM Service, please contact:
    Business Development Team
    Tel: (+202) 3534 5272/5202
    Mob.: (+2) 0100 0096123 - (+2) 0100 1112412
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