Participant No. 4 – University of Bologna (UNIBO, Italy)
The University of Bologna (UNIBO, 1088) is the oldest university in the western world and one of the largest in Italy, with over 80,000 enrolled students. It is one of most active Italian universities in research and technology transfer. It has an extensive experience on EC Framework Programmes, and it is the top Italian University for FP7 funding and project participation.

UNIBO is organized as a multi-campus structure operating over 5 sites (Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna, and Rimini) and it is divided into 23 schools, 68 departments and 20 Research Centers. UNIBO offers 220 degree programs, 51 PhD/Doctoral degree programmes, 70 Master's degree programmes and 52 higher training courses, 14 Doctoral Schools, serve approximately 1800 Ph.D. students.

UNIBO participates in RECOCAPE through ARCES (Advanced Research Center on Electronic Systems for Information and Communication Technologies), a UNIBO Research Center founded in 2001. ARCES consists of 10 Full Professors, 8 Associate Professors and 16 Research Assistant. Additionally there are 12 senior research fellows and 44 Ph.D. students and junior research fellows. ARCES main research topics include embedded systems, ubiquitous computing, ontology based smart spaces, semantic web technologies, smart environments, analog and digital signal processing (architectures and devices), image processing, machine vision, multimedia and satellite communications.

UNIBO participates with its experience on setting up and running postgraduate courses on ontology based smart spaces and related applications. All relevant teaching materials will be tailored according to the task needs. The joint experiments will be designed by carefully considering the need for data interoperability in open and dynamic deployment environments, by exploiting proper data modeling techniques and associated metadata for information interoperability, as provided by the semantic web technologies. These experiments will demonstrate how to use innovative middleware and an Ontology Driven Design (ODD) approach to achieve interoperability between heterogeneous multi-vendor devices in Smart Home Applications. The contribution will benefit from UNIBO experience in Artemis project SOFIA. UNIBO team has significant previous research experience relevant to RECOCAPE technologies.

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