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This work package ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of the RECOCAPE results by implementing best practice-based project management and quality assurance activities. The legal, ethical, financial, and administrative management including for each of the participant obtaining the certificates on the financial statements or on the methodology is done in this work package. The adopted 3-level project management approach is simple yet effective. RECOCAPE is managed at 3 separate levels: consortium level, work package level, and task level.

The work package establishes the control infrastructure through identifying the project organization and developing the Project Implementation Kit (PIK) that includes Project Management Process, Deliverables Verification and Validation Process (Quality Control), Quality Assurance Process, and supporting templates and tools. Processes are based upon best-practice models, knowledge bases, and methodologies as CMMI, ISTQB, and Balanced Scorecard. RECOCAPE participants have high competitive advantages when it comes to mastering these best-practice technologies.

The work package includes four tasks: RECOCAPE Organization Structure and Implementation Process, Project Management, Deliverables Verification and Validation, and Quality Assurance.
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