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This work package carries out two experimental proof-of-concept projects to demonstrate the usage and synergy of the underlying target technologies in real-word situations. In addition, the experimental project outcomes can be used in conjunction with the training tracks developed by WP3 to yield practical workshops that facilitate disseminating knowledge of embedded ubiquitous computing.

The first experimental project develops a smart home ubiquitous system for automatic control of the temperature of air conditioners. The system detects the user entrance, automatically sets up the air conditioner temperature based on preferences and in turn other devices as dorm room refrigerators adjust their settings to reflect the change of room temperature and save power consumption. The project utilizes the Smart-M3 platform, where semantic web and SOA provide machine-processable information enabling easily integration of different devices and software entities. This Smart-M3 platform is developed by the SOPHIA project funded through the European ARTEMIS programme. TECNALIA is a SOFIA project participant.

The second experimental project targets utilizing mobile computing, semantic web technologies, and SOA for building ubiquitous advertising system. The system provides various marketing information to clients based on their preferences and interests. The advertiser publishes promotions as a service through SOA and using semantic web technologies. On the other hand, the client has a mobile application that allows setting one's interests. The mobile application automates the products search using user preferences and advertisers' services. This way the user is notified with suitable offers and products seamlessly without manual intervention.

The work package includes two tasks: Experimental Project 1-Smart Home Application for Temperature Control and Experimental Project 2-Ubiquitous Advertising System

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